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Dascoli Pharma opens new doors

From a reliable supply chain of pharmaceutical products to providing in-depth training sessions for the effective and safe medical use of specialised therapeutics. At Dascoli Pharma, we are committed to enabling physicians, therapists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in the use of medical cannabis for their treatments.
We are here to support you with our expertise.


What we offer


Medical Cannabis Education for HCPs


Education is key. Our training sessions are designed to provide a leading point of access to education and patient information around medical cannabis. 

Our courses provide a sound understandig of the endocannabinoid system, pathophysiological routes and the potential of pharmacological interventions with cannabinoids.


We support HCPs to enable new therapy options for a variety of medical indications.



Quantity of quality is what matters. We provide a reliable and stable product supply, through our trusted network of suppliers and partners.

Our focus is on building an extensive supply chain by sourcing responsibility, always adhering to the highest pharmaceutical quality standards according to GDP and GMP.


We aim to deliver a broad product portfolio to the healthcare sector.

Dascoli Wholesale for medical cannabis



Medical Cannabis Pharmacy Zürich

Pharmaceutical Excellence in every dose. This is what our in-house pharmacy Stauffacher Apotheke stands for.

Cannabis sativa L. is one of the most potent medicinal plants. The scientific evidence is becoming increasingly solid and numerous therapeutic applications are finding their way into conventional medicine.

Dr. sc. nat. Simon Nicolussi  / Chief Scientific Officer

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