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A large product portfolio,
evidence-based therapy options 

A consistent active ingredient profile and a continuous supply with medical cannabis for your patients is one of our prime concerns. Therefore, our product range is subject to strict pharmaceutical quality controls in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). After all, the medical benefits of medical cannabis are ultimately based on the pharmaceutical quality of the raw materials. 


Our portfolio includes all pharmaceutical preparations that are currently available on the Swiss market as authorized medicinal products or compounded preparations (“formula magistralis”). Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers and partners, we can guarantee the security of supply and high quality of our products.


Detailed and transparent advice on medical cannabis preparations is something we do as a matter of course.


Pharmaceutical raw materials, various applications.

01    Cannabis flowers 
02   Pure substances
03   Avextra cannabis extracts
04   Medical devices & equipment


Would you like to gain a detailed insight into our product world? 

Authorized medical personnel and companies can order our product portfolio with this form. It will be our pleasure to mail you our API catalog:

All medical persons and authorized legal entities have a GLN (Global Location Number)

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